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Light and Sound Mind Machines

Sound and Light Technology is rapidly becoming a critical tool in the development of human potential. As the brain waves are slowed down by the pulsing sounds and lights, visualization, imagery, and mental healing are greatly enhanced by these deep meditative states.
Proteus Light & Sound
Mind Machine

Sirius Light & Sound
Mind Machine

Zen Master Light & Sound
Mind Machine & CD Player

- Real-time Ruby/Emerald BiColorTM output: The Proteus Mind Machine includes two independent color channels, each of which has its own brightness and pulse rate. This means that Proteus sessions can shift smoothly between 4,096 colors in real time.
- Totally Programmable: You can control the entire Proteus Mind Machine experience with the available Session Editing Software. This software is simple to use, yet it is a very powerful Windows-based programming tool, available Free of Charge.
- 100 Program Capacity: The Proteus has a total of fifty preloaded sessions. It can hold up to 100 programs in nonvolatile memory, as much as machines costing nearly twice as much. In fact, it does more than many machines in the $300-$400 category.
- Enhanced TurboSonix & AudioStrobe decoder: fine-tuned AudioStrobe and TurboSonix decoder circuitry, providing a much crisper, and intense experience.
 -Free Bonus 1: Software Suite and Session Library. Free Bonus 2: Convenient Carrying Case. Free Bonus 3: AC Adapter. Free Bonus 4: AudioStrobe Sampler CD 1 Year Manufacturer's 'Parts and Labor' Warranty.

- Includes Premium PureWhite LightFrames. Free Bonus 1: Convenient Carrying Case. Free Bonus 2: AC Adapter - (retail: $20.00) Free Bonus 3: AudioStrobe Sampler CD.
- Has 23 professionally designed sessions by German scientist Dr. Gerhard Bittner that range from 10 to 60 minutes. You can even control the frequency of the Sirius Mind Machine yourself ranging from 0-30 Hz.
- ColorPulse - The music beat from any audio source (i.e. Tape, MP3 or CD player) will control the light flashes, and turn regular music into a kaleidoscopic light show - Your Personal Rave. :)
- MicroPulse - A built-in microphone translates external sounds into ColorPulse signals. Use the Sirius Mind Machine with your home stereo or at live music events. Convenient belt clip included.
- AudioStrobe & TurboSonix: compatible -The Sirius detects encoded signals on these CDs and uses them to drive the lights.. an amazing experience.

- The Zen Master is a normal CD player complete with track programming capabilities, and 10 second anti-skip.
- A full featured Light and Sound Mind Machine with 50 built-in light & sound sessions.
- Has the ability to store up to 25 additional Autopilot generated programs for a total of 75 programs.
- Exclusive Sparkle feature is another innovation providing stunning visuals (and better entrainment).
- Includes Premium White LightFrames. Has a TurboSonix and AudioStrobe 'Strobe Encoded' CD decoder.

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